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InkPlanner.comInkPlanner is a new project management application that bases its whole approach on Kanban, the scheduling system devised by Toyota which basically tells you what you have to produce, when you have to produce it and how much you need to produce to meet current demands. Well, InkPlanner is an application that is based on that philosophy. By signing up for a free account, you will be able to create as many projects as you want, and have them broken down into all the necessary tasks. Each and every task that you create can then be dragged across different statuses until it has finally reached completion.

All these operations are carried out using a clear dashboard that makes for creating, viewing and editing projects. The health and progress of any project can be monitored, and team permissions can be modified on the fly.

As it was mentioned above, InkPlanner is a free application. You can sign up at no cost, and use it absolutely for free. And note that both English and Portuguese are supported languages. In Their Own Words

Be more Agile! Organize your projects and tasks quickly with this online innovative and easy to use kanban.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a different take on something as tried and tested as the management of projects.

Some Questions About

Are there other project management applications that use Kanban?