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Inkd.comFormerly known as Pressplane, this company has just made publicly available a new service that had been in stealth mode until now. Essentially, the company has created the first online marketplace for print designs aimed at the business sector.


That is, this new platform intends to let designers everywhere find new ways to generate an income and commission work, as they can upload their prints and businesses can download and use these works.

The term “prints” is an encompassing one, and it includes printed materials of every denomination: flyers, brochures, business cards…

The system, then, would act as an effective alternative to having to hire a designer. This would help businesses save both time and money, since they could dispense with consultations.

The folks behind this initiative are far from rookies – they have already created an art and a book marketplace, and sold these ventures to heavy-hitters like CafePress and Amazon. They know which way to go, and they are certain to point you in the right direction too. Just drop by the site in order to learn more. In Their Own Words

“The world’s first market for original print design.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is the first marketplace of its kind on the Web.

Some Questions About

What information can a designer upload to its profile page? How many examples can he include?

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