– Doing A Lot More With Like Buttons

IngBoo.comThe most recent product released by IngBoo is one that (in their own words) will let you “turbo charge your like button”. The company’s “Like For Tags” button for WordPress takes the basic functionality of “Like” buttons and makes it pack more of a punch by letting bloggers connect with their audiences and offer updates to all the people who have professed a liking for what they do.

These “Like For Tags” buttons work by automatically recommending content to the ones who have once clicked on them. For example, if you blog about Twitter’s new CEO and someone reads the post and clicks on the “Like” button, then that person will be notified when you blog something related to that original post. For example, if you write a post when Twitter’s new CEO announces his plans for the semester then the one who had liked the first article will automatically learn about the new one.

In this way, you will ensure that people who chanced upon your site once will return to it, and in a way that is totally natural both for you and for them. In Their Own Words

“Turbo charge your like button.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a very convenient way for your visitors to learn about new content that could appeal to them, not to mention that you it gives you a guaranteed increase in your number of new daily visits.

Some Questions About

What else can you do through these enhanced buttons?