Truly Know Your Audience With Customer Survey Tech By Informizely

Surveys are effective when they’re done right. Now, you may be thinking I agree, but what does that even look like


Answer: Informizely.


Informizely designs targeted survey software for businesses to integrate in their website, helping them make informed decisions based on actionable customer feedback.




Did you catch “targeted” in that last sentence? It’s absolutely key to the success of surveys. Informizely asks online and mobile visitors the right questions in the right context at the right time. Strategic placement is important for enticing visitors to participate in surveys and for generating results that produce not only data but understanding. To truly capture the voice of customers, to grasp the Hows and Whys of their behavior, is no easy task.


Here’s a quick take on some of the highlights of what makes Informizely great:

  • Feedback gathered by Informizely surveys provides businesses with a solid foundation on which to base A/B testing, improvements to their website or services, and more.
  • Users can trigger surveys using custom variables and cookies as well as programmatically with our JavaScript API.
  • Informizely surveys are mobile-optimized, easily readable and navigable via smartphones and iPads.
  • Interactions are displayed on your website and responses are available in real-time on the user’s dashboard.
  • Exit Intent Overlays deploy right before a visitor prepares to leave the site, allowing users to determine why their customers aren’t converting.
  • Informizely easily integrates with Google Analytics and other analytics systems.


Unlike long-form surveys that take days or weeks for answers to arrive, Informizely delivers what you need to know in minutes. Whether you’re trying to boost your conversion rates or to gain valuable feedback while creating a MVP, Informizely can help identify points for conversion improvement and drive A/B testing – no matter what stage your company is at or how many visitors you need to survey.




If you’re looking for unobtrusive surveys, perfectly pitched, that deliver the precise answers that you need for the good of your business, the Informizely team draws on their rich background in UX design, product management, online marketing, eCommerce and customer intelligence so that they can provide tailor-made solutions that yield the best results.


Learn more about how Informizely can put you inside your customers’ heads here, or use the following link to sign up for a free trial.


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