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Info.jkn.comAnnotate the web to your heart’s content with JumpKnowledge, a brand new online notation tool. JumpKnowledge gives its users the ability to note and comment directly on web pages (unlike Google Notebook) whenever a thought occurs to them.

Annotated pages can be saved, linked and sent to friends. All your notes displace the underlying text so that none of the original content is lost or obscured; your text is highlighted and can be read in context. JKN supports international character sets and includes soft links for cross referencing your annotations. There are add-ons for both IE and Firefox; you can also just copy and paste the web address into the text box on the homepage. In Their Own Words

“Have you ever wished you could add your two cents to a site—anywhere you wanted—not just in an itty bitty blog area? Have you ever wished you could email a web page with your comments inside it? Then welcome to JumpKnowledge: to a world without limits, where the web is your canvas and you can paint your thoughts anywhere you want.
Isn’t it time you spread a little Jump Knowledge?

Why It Might Be A Killer

JumpKnowledge is a lightweight and simple tool which is dead easy to use. It’s great for jotting down your thoughts in context without any disruption of the original text. It’s also a good way to share notes with fellow students or coworkers. You can even use it in jest, to mock bloggers by inserting witty asides in their witless posts.

Some Questions About

JKN isn’t the first in this field—how will they compete? How are they going to earn revenue? Will there be added functionality, e.g. editing, drawing etc.?

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