– Watch YouTube Forever

InfiniTube.netAre you one of those people for whom YouTube has replaced the television? If you want to keep YouTube going on forever, then you should take a look at what has for you.

Just type in a key word for the type of videos you want to watch and the site will create a seemingly endless play list of videos from YouTube. This will allow you to leave your computer on and enjoy the background noise of having YouTube running with your favorite videos, much like you would with your TV. The service is completely free and easy to use, so even grandma will be able to enjoy an endless play list of YouTube videos. This should be of great use to people who like to get their music from YouTube. Just type in your favorite band’s name and you’ll be on your way to listening to all the music they have on the popular video sharing site. In Their Own Words

“Enter some keywords above and infinitube will queue up an unlimited number of videos matching those words for your viewing pleasure”

Why It Might Be A Killer

YouTube will be popular as long as videos are allowed to be shared on the internet, so having the ability to watch hundreds of them by typing one keyword should be interesting to the thousands of YouTube junkies around the world.

Some Questions About

How accurate is the search feature? Will some of the videos repeat?