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Infectious.comInfectious is a community site that is geared towards artists. Basically, through the site said individuals will be able to submit their own pieces to be ranked by other members of the online community.

The twist is that these works that do well are later adapted into adhesive art which can be purchased at the online Infectious store.

The adhesive art which can be procured falls into three different categories, to wit: laptop, wall and car art. The site includes a clear layout that will let your browse through the featured designs until you find one that catches your fancy. A “Browse by design” option is likewise available, and in this particular case you will be able to see the output of featured artists along with some biographical information.

Of course, the featured artists are also displayed on the main page, and by clicking on each artist’s portrait you can see his or her full profile page.

Open submissions are always prominently spotlighted on the main page, so make sure to check back often if art is your thing and you think you can do fine. In Their Own Words

“We are a crew of artists, technologists and journalists in San Francisco’s SOMA district that are obsessed with street art and illustration.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a nice way to find artwork which is suitable for you and support emerging artists in the process.

Some Questions About

What are the requisites for submitting artwork?

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