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Infactio.usThis is one for those who always wonder exactly where viral videos come from. And it’s only fair to admit that we all have been there at one time or the other, wondering such a thing. OK, not that failing to know where these kittens that look cuter than the whole cast from the Care Bears ever kept us from sleeping, but we have all been there. And this new service is going to make everything clear the next time we should wonder where did this or that viral video originate from. enables people to geolocate viral data. The app (which iPhone users can get for free here) lets one realize where any piece of viral content came from, at the same time it lets him submit his very own. The idea is that users are allowed to know (and report) all the viral content that’s going on right where they live.

It’s a novel idea, and while I maintain that most people can do without knowing where viral videos and images have originated from, I also have to praise for being a service that does something nobody else has ever done before. In Their Own Words is the most exciting way to share and discover social content, such as videos and images!

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