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Indiebound.orgIndieBound is a portal dedicated to independent books and the independent bookstores that sell them. This robust site contains social networking elements where people can join the community to communicate with other like-minded people and find out about upcoming events in their area.

The site contains an easy to use bookstore locator that displays local bookstores on a Google embedded map. Along with helping you to find local bookstores, the site also serves as a platform for the promotion of the best independent books which can be found under the categories of “Indie Bestsellers” and “Indie Next List”. If you really feel part of the cause, you can also purchase an IndieBound shirt or digitally sign their Declaration in which you vow to support the plight of the independent writer and the stores that sell their wares. In Their Own Words

“Your community, and all the communities around the country, have an opportunity. It’s a chance to be who you are and live your own story. It’s a chance to discover the unique stories not only in books and independent bookstores, but around us all the time. It’s a chance to celebrate what makes each community, each store, and each individual remarkable.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Unfortunately, independent bookstores have been ravaged by the proliferation of mega-bookstores which do very little to help in the promotion of independent books. IndieBound is a wonderful site that is aiming to support independent thought and will hopefully succeed in making our world a bit less bland.

Some Questions About

A great additional function would be the ability for users to submit, comment and vote on their favorite independent books. This would provide a way for new, previously unheard of writers to generate buzz and ultimately to better peddle their wares.