– India Headline News is a news aggregation site with a difference e.

g. they don’t aggregate many news sources and create confusion in the readers mind. A good aggregation service should focus on 9-10 news sources and present them into a decent UI. The site offers aggregation of news from various sources. In addition they also provide allied services like stock charts, weather and commodities. In Their Own Words

“Currently we have managed to develop the basic website which offers the service of having the news classified with basic classifications like General, Business, Hindi, Showbiz, Sports and technology. We will slowly try and add more variety and Depth. The website is now currently in Alpha 1.0 release, we are already working on the Alpha 2.0 version where we would add more regional content and more depth in each of the sections.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will be a killer because of the way it’s positioned. No nonsense interface. Not too many news sources, just quality news sources.

Some Questions About

Will people get this service? Aren’t already other sites offering the same?