– Golden Chance to Become a Hero

IndiaKaHero.comSimply-put, if you wish to be a hero here, it is for you to be an Indian and subscribe to ‘Mera Bharat Mahaan’. India ka hero has 4 categories of contests they are Singing, Dancing, Mimicry and Jokes.

Just log on to site register yourself and just with the help of head phone just record what ever talent you have and with the help of votes in that particular period you will be judged as hero in that particular category and they are lots of prizes to be won. seeks to help budding, aspiring musicians, singers, dramatists, and comedians or laugh makers. In Their Own Words

“There will be four kinds of contest. For those dealing only with songs, jokes or mimicry, please remember it is an audio-only competition and only in Hindi. While songs can be up to five minutes recording time, the joke and mimicry are not expected to be more than two minutes each.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Its first time this type of contest run on net and any body can participate in which ever contests he like and win prizes.

Some Questions About

Is really someone winning a prize?