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indiads.comFounded in 2000, this US based site is dedicated to generating target-specific advertising material for Indian-Americans and South-Asian-Americans, which is one of the wealthiest population groups in North America. Delivering 800+ million ads per month, they centralize the publishers’ ad services through an online system that also provides detailed information on traffic and revenues, making the site specially attractive and competitive. Though working mainly for the US-resident Indian population, the site manages advertising for web pages around the globe.


The site deals mainly but not exclusively with the following categories of advertising: Long-distance phone service providers, Travel agencies and consolidators, Financial and insurance service providers, CD/DVD/Video vendors, Computer software and hardware vendors, Music and entertainment companies, Ethnic and vegetarian food suppliers, stating that those are the areas that receive most revenue from online advertising. In Their Own Words

“Our objective is to provide effective advertising solutions for online advertisers and increased revenues for online publishers.

IndiAds is dedicated to helping Advertisers effectively run targeted and cost-effective Internet advertising campaigns. The ad management technology utilized by the IndiAds network provides the most targeted and measurable advertising available to advertisers on the Internet. IndiAds provides advertisers with a superior return on investment by combining the sophisticated ad tracking technology of RealMediaâ„¢ with our tremendous reach. IndiAds helps advertisers achieve better results through the use of variety of creative formats including banners, popups, pop-unders, interactive Flash popups and non-standard creative formats”.

Why It Might Be A Killer is up to become the next killer startup for the diversity of its resources, the clearly defined market they aim to have impact on and the detailed and revenue-focused reports they provide their clients with, that allows them to decide on themselves on their advertising moves.

Some Questions About is structured as an intermediary between Internet advertisers and high-traffic web sites that have vacant advertising space, which means that they do not generate custom advertising points, but work on available openings, which is a service that traditional advertising agencies do offer, thus loosing some appeal; after all, if a client is seeking to generate impact on such a specific community, it possibly has some ideas on which is their preferred platform to do it. Will they see to this and cater more specifically for their clients’ wishes?

Author : Steve Dixon

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