– Roll a Dice to Solve your Problems

Ind.ecisions.netDo you hate making decisions? What do you do if you have to make a difficult choice and you don’t know what to do? Welcome to Ind.ecisions which gives you a virtual die to roll so that you never have to make the decision again.

All you have to do is enter the different options you have and roll the die, which will automatically generate your answer. Because it works with a die, the website needs even numbers that can divide by six so you’re limited to 2, 3 or 6 choices before you roll. You’ll never have to be accountable again for the bad decisions you make for Ind.ecisions does it all for you. Unlike other decision making sites, this one uses true-random numbers instead of pseudo-random ones, which should make the answers generated even more like truly rolling dice. In Their Own Words

¨Never worry about making those difficult decisions again, just pick how many options you need to decide between (2,3,6) fill in your choices and roll the dice. No more worries, instant decision! Plus who needs accountability? You didn’t make the decision….the universe did! So that means if it’s the wrong choice it’s not your fault. Right!?¨

Why It Might Be A Killer

It’s human nature to hate making difficult choices so this website is great for those who just don’t want the responsibility. Now you can leave it up to the gods to make all of your decisions for you. The creators of Ind.ecisions advertise on their website about the positive use of true-random numbers but for those using this type of website, it probably doesn’t make a big difference. They also make it so that you can’t use odd number choices in making a decision, and even though they justify why, it makes it difficult for you to solve your dilemma if you have three options.

Some Questions About

Who is the target audience for Ind.ecisions? How can they include more on their site to have it reach a broader audience? Do people truly want to make their decisions randomly or trust a roll of the dice?