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IncrediBox.frIf you like beatboxing, this site could be interesting for you. On you can spend some funny time by combining sounds, percussion styles and effects, in addition to vocal lines, to create great and funny beatboxing tracks online. You just have to enter this site and follow simple steps to experience with beatboxing.


On you can create beatboxing tracks for free. You need to enter this site and you will learn how to use the different effects provided by IncrediBox. The site also gives you blog articles about this online application you can use to improve your beatboxing skills.

Therefore, if you are beatboxing enthusiast, you can pay a visit to This site allows you to have some fun by adding effects to create beatbox tracks. Do you want to feel yourself like a professional beatboxing artist? Try this site out and start mixing some percussion with vocal effects. In Their Own Words

“Petite application musicale de The Incredible Polo…Pump it up and chill!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Because it has a good looking design and it is something new that will allow users to create music while interacting with each other.

Some Questions About

How many sounds is it possible to employ?

Author : Paul Barker

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