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Incontestavel.freehostia.comIf you speak Portuguese, this blog might just be an interesting destination for you to drop by. Basically, it is devoted to news as a whole.

Here you can read about music, sports, and general reflections on everything. A section devoted to social study and analysis is featured as well, whereas a section that goes by the name of “Lame stuff” delivers exactly what its title promises.

The contents of the blog can be browsed in the usual way – IE, there is a list including the abovementioned categories on the right-hand side of every page, while a cloud of keywords is featured for added convenience.

The actual writing is quite fulfilling, and those looking for an alternative source of news and insight are certain to find something to mull over right here. If you think that definition applies to you and you want to know more about this weblog, start by setting your browser to and see which category best matches your interests. In Their Own Words

“Um sítio com textos de minha autoria em que o assunto central é a indefinição.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The posted articles showcase a vantage point of its own, and those who are interested in learning what goes on in the world through different eyes will find some food for thought in here.

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Will the blog ever be available in English?