– Guide to Phillipine College Hoops

InboundPass.comAre you a fan of Phillipine college hoops? Maybe you’re like me and didn’t even know that existed until right now, but if you’re more in the know than I am and want to follow your favorite Phillipine teams and players, head to Inbound Pass, a community devoted to delivering the latest news, photos, and stats from the world of Phillipine college basketball. On this extensive site you can find everything from player bios to podcasts to commentary from other sports fans.

You can check out sports schedules, standings, and scores, as well as read articles and view photos (Inbound Pass has its own space on Flickr devoted to site photos) from the latest games. You don’t need to register to browse around the site and access its basic features, but you will want to enter in your email address to receive the latest updates (delivered by FeedBurner). In Their Own Words

“The winning play begins here”.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Probably the only source for Phillipine college basketball out there, Inbound Pass is a proverbial slam-dunk. It boasts features similar to ESPN and lets site visitors access an array of multimedia in a clean, organized interface.

Some Questions About

The site could be enhanced with some web 2.0 features; why can’t users register and create personal profiles?