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Inadco.comThe concept of cost-per-lead advertising is seldom placed in the same league as cost-per-click advertising. That is probably the result of not having a truly dedicated platform which can give publishers and advertisers a good understanding of how everything works, and an idea of the advantages such ads really have when compared with other ad units. Well, Inadco clearly aims to become that platform.

Inadco is a cost-per-lead network for display ads that is open to businesses of every type. Users of Inadco simply have to fill out a form for the ads to be created. In this form, they single out the keywords that represent their professional activity and niche markets, and make clear how much they are willing to pay for a qualified lead for everything to be created. They also have to choose how the lead data itself will be delivered.

Upon filling that form, the lead will become purchasable by advertisers. And the proprietary algorithm used by Inadco means that the ads will be paired with consumers with high intent only. In practice, that should kept everybody more than satisfied – businesses create ads that will be brought to the consideration of people who are actually keen on buying what is being offered, and these consumers can get what they want without having to look all over the Internet for it. And advertisers are benefited by the lower risks that have always characterized working with cost-per-lead ad units. In Their Own Words

Inadco, cost per lead advertising!

Why It Might Be A Killer

When implemented correctly, cost per lead advertising involves less risks and a higher return-on-investment. Well, Inadco is here to make that implementation as easy as it could be.

Some Questions About

Which disadvantages has this got when compared with cost-per-click advertising?