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ImThere.comImThere is a social networking community with a focus on mobile participation. The idea is that you can upload events on your mobile phone, invite your friends and then they can RSVP by hitting “I’m there.

” You can browse publicly held events from your mobile, and recieve updates and notifications on your mobile device. Manage these events on your personal calender and then share all the info with your buddies. This site also comes equipped with all of the social networking features you love, photo galleries, friends, and messaging. The best part about ImThere is that it goes beyond just social event listings, events on ImThere also become the basis for online communities. In Their Own Words

“ImThere is completely user-driven service dedicated to your events, your interests, and your life. With ImThere, we expand the definition of event to include interest-related events, such as the release of a product like the iPhone, hot new movies, album releases, or even Talk Like A Pirate Day. Unlike typical event sites that are solely a listing and a map, events on ImThere become thriving communities.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

ImThere, like many other sites who understand while mobile means in the uncomming year, are pushing mobile communities and sharing startups. There have been many other’s before ImThere who have done the social event listing deal, but ImThere does it differently in two ways. Firstly, that they have made their mobile presence the strongest, and secondly, that their social listings provide the basis for more interaction among members that take form in community discussions and messaging.

Some Questions About

How could they further push their mobile presence? Could they also create ways to use GPS to find public social events in the users vicinity?

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