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I’ve yet to meet anyone that gets excited about email prospecting. Generating leads and winning customers, sure, but doing the leg work… a necessary evil, right?


Sorry if this intro leads you to think you’re about to find a great tool for growing your business without email prospecting. Like email itself (which people also love to grumble about), the cold email is a useful tool that isn’t going away. Some of the time and labor involved in pursuing leads, however, is going to vanish. is a nifty Google Chrome extension that makes sales prospecting much more efficient, by handling more work within the browser.


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Toggling back and forth between web pages and email drafts is a tedious and energy-draining process. With, you can send emails from your browser. You can also track all those important following actions such as email opens, link clicks, sign-ups, etc. without skipping a beat in your browser.


Of course, it wouldn’t do much good to be able to send emails faster if it still took you forever to write your emails. So, has templates that reduce the time it takes to compose messages, as well as options to automate email scheduling.


If you’re at all familiar with Chrome and already using Google tools (mail, analytics), then there’s really no learning curve when it comes to using You can simply streamline your workflow and use existing tools more effortlessly. has other potent tricks up its sleeve. This browser extension can find email addresses from web pages for you, saving a lot of research time. also integrates with LinkedIn, so you can mine contact information and reach out to both companies and individuals with greater speed.


From finding prospects to gathering contact information, writing and sending emails to tracking results, makes the entire process of sales prospecting far less of a chore. At $12 a month per user ($9 a month for annual plans), it’s also a very affordable way to ramp up sales prospecting efforts without adding additional staff or paying for outside services.


Ready to turn your sales prospecting into a necessary pleasure? Game for accomplishing more in less time, with less work? Learn more about how to become a cold emailing champ straight from your browser at


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