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ImpressPortfolio.comIf you are a freelance programmer who is looking into ways of showing the world who you are and what you can do, getting a portfolio together stands as the first step towards projecting a professional image. This online resource will enable you to create one more or less on the spot, and at no cost whatsoever.

The one requisite is creating an account beforehand, and from that point onwards you will be able to employ a control panel to upload and edit everything. A nice touch is that the actual portfolio pages are free from advertisements. Needless to say, this leaves a far more realized impression on those who see your portfolio.

At the end of the day, it is like the programmer puts it – less time putting together the portfolio means more time to work on projects. Programmers are going to appreciate the flexibility such a solution brings about. If you are one, simply pay the site a visit and have a look at the sections named “How To Use” and “Frequently Asked Questions”. These will give you a very good understanding of what can and can not be done through this site. In Their Own Words

“Impress Portfolio was created in March 2009, then left to root for a month. Then I remembered I had nearly completed the project! The actual launch date of Impress Portfolio is the 13th April 2009. (Or at least I hope it to be! That’s when I’m writing this!). IP was created with the intent of helping other freelance programmers who can’t spare the time to create their own portfolio system. It’s all compactly hosted with no adverts on the actual portfolio pages. Impress Portfolio can help programmers earn more money by providing a simple portfolio for clients to view, while saving the time of the programmer. This means more time to work on important projects!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a practical way for any artist to make himself or herself known to the public at large.

Some Questions About

How many files can you host online as part of the same portfolio?