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iMeet.comThe way in which online meetings are conducted is being constantly redefined, as new communication tools keep on piling improvement upon improvement. Today, we can do things that were unthinkable just one year before. A case in point: iMeet. This new tool makes it possible for anybody to have an online meeting room of his very own, and to invite all his friends (or colleagues) to it without having to do anything complicated at all. Just paying a monthly fee gives anybody a private and personalized meeting room that can be used (and accessed) right on mobile phones.


This meeting room is being hosted on its own URL, and others can be invited to meetings simply by sharing this unique URL with them. They won’t be charged a thing – the only person who actually has something to pay is the owner of the room.

It’s important to point out that rooms are limited in terms of participants. No more than 15 different people can be invited to the same room. That’s quite a generous number, and one that’s sure to suit most casual and professional scenarios. In Their Own Words

Your own meeting room online. Talk through your computer from anywhere in the world. Or connect to any phone or mobile device at no extra charge. Invite guests ? up to 15 at a time. It’s free for them. No downloads or headaches.

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What about a supercharged version of the service, making for even larger rooms?

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