– Visual Tests is a social network that matches you with people with similar personalities. uses image tests to gauge your personality. As soon as you enter the site you are bombarded with striking colorful images. There are two tests to take on the homepage, a personality test and a style test. The tests ask you to choose from an array of images. You are asked a question and you select an image as your answer. The style test determines your interior and home style. The second test is a personality test. The test will ask you what is art? and there will be 15 images to choose from. Other questions included in the test are, what is your idea of freedom? your biggest vice? your favorite drink? Once you take the personality test gives you a description of your personality and then sets you up with people who are compatible with your personality. The visualIDNA is quite accurate, at least it was for me. It tells you about your romantic interests, habits, and what you like to do for fun. Once you get your VisualIDNA you can join the site and meet people with similar personalities and habits. uses an interesting way of making a connection through images. In Their Own Words

“What does your choice of images say about you? See how you compare to over 4,000,000 other people from all over the world who’ve done this simple and fun test. When you’ve finished, you can get to meet those that may match up with you.”

Why It Might Be A Killer has a very grabbing interface. You are immediately curious about the site when you see the homepage. The personality tests are a great way to get people acquainted with the site. The tests are fun to take and well thought out. The questions cover a broad range of topics and all of the images are beautiful and vivid. After you take the personality test you can see which images you chose. The VisualIDNA is a great concept, what people are drawn to visually explains a great deal about their personality.

Some Questions About could add more specific visual tests such as career or romance tests. It would be a fun feature if users could create there own visual tests on the site.