– Discover your Visual DNA

Imagini.netImagini aims to work with millions of people to create a new language of communication. A picture paints a thousand words, so what if you could collect together a group of images that summed up how you feel and what you like across each area of your life? This is what Imagini is helping people to do.

Imagini allows you to find out about yourself and make new friends. It provides a completely new way to communicate using images. When you log on to the site you are presented with the words “I’d wish to wake up here …” and invited to click on one of 15 images – from a deserted beach to a mansion. This is repeated a number of times with different sets of images and questions. By the end the site has your so-called visual DNA which is automatically compared with millions of others in the database so you can immediately see who else in the world approximates to your profile (from zero to 100%). You can contact them based on their age, sex or location. The site has a gallery with lots of small photos of participants which you can click on to get more details or to contact them. In Their Own Words

“It’s odd really, but when you think about it, almost all of the communication tools that are available to us today largely focus on communicating with or through the written or spoken word. Yet here we are in a world that is becoming more and more visually aware and there is no recognized visual language of communication – this is what Imagini is all about – working with millions of people to create a new language of communication.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Imagini is a great and cool concept. It will probably attract a large user-base. It also opens possibilities to marketers as people can be matched to products they like.

Some Questions About

Can people get a different personal profile by clicking on different pictures that are equally valid as a reflection of their tastes? Imagini is still a work in progress and need to offer some strong features. Will companies adopt it as an alternative to conventional marketing?