Transform Your Email ROI With Image-Genius’ Dynamic, Personalized Images

Digital and email marketing are key parts of branding and outreach for startups. If you’re not getting the results you need from your current strategy, you may want to consider something as simple as the images you use. Stop sending valued customers and prospects repeated, static, low-design messages – instead, use Image-Genius, a content service from Say It Visually, and transform email ROI for your brand.

Image-Genius delivers custom email images, personalized for every recipient, marketer-updatable live in the inbox, from any email or marketing platform. The platform works with all major ESP and marketing platforms, and allows for both use-based or tiered pricing.


Image-Genius helps raise email ROI and extend engagement. Agencies can create jaw-dropping experiences their your clients and their customers; platforms can give their customers real-time personalized content and add competitive features, customers, and revenue; and brands can use Image Genius’s provided standard or ESP-specific tags.

Benefits of the platform include low creative costs, the ability to continue to use current platforms, and personalized, dynamic, high-impact visuals for your most valuable channel. Stop sending valued customers and prospects repeated, static, low-design messages.



Image-Genius extends the impact and lifespan of campaigns with deep personalization and content updates. Key features include:

  • Rich but simple template layout
  • Complete creative control
  • Unlimited text, merge fields, and image overlays
  • Schedule-based replacement values
  • Date-based values like “Friday”
  • Location-based data like City (currently in beta)
  • Multiple backgrounds, data-driven
  • Built-in slicing of personalized images
  • Automatic DPR handling for mobile
  • Recipient-specific image sequences (currently in beta)



If you are looking to up your email images and digital marketing game, you have a few options. First, you should schedule a demo. From there, you can use the Free plan as long as you like. If you opt to try the paid plan, you can use Image-Genius for 30 days. If you decide to cancel, they will refund the $10 monthly fee, and if you actually use it and still cancel, they’ll refund double the fee – $20.