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Illumio.comIllumio is bringing you all the web information content you care about and delivering it to you quicker than you´d ever imagine. Stop manually checking your social networking websites, your blogs and other content providers, let illmio update you on all the RSS feeds you belong to, and furthermore, let them discover new content for you that you´ll love.

Illumios unique alogorithym for new content discovery and user matching. They search through your documents stored in My Documents, sent emails, contacts from Outlook and Thunderbird, what you have added as favorites, bookmarks, and general browser history. Illumio cares about your privacy, which is why they conduct research all from your PC, so you are protected. You can join communities of others who love the same web content that you love, and initiate a Q&A on any given feed to connect with other subscribers. In Their Own Words

“illumio is a new way to stay informed and connected in a web world that is exploding with social networks, blogs, news, and other content. illumio frees you from manually tracking everything you care about on the Web: instead, illumio monitors the feeds you choose and groups you join and delivers to you only what”s important to you. Because illumio runs on your PC, illumio can privately determine what information matches your interests and then alert you directly on your desktop.”