– A Fashion Network For Everyone

ILikeMyStyle.netAdore fashion? Care to share your innovation in dress and wear with the rest of the world? Then ILikeMyStyle is just the site for you. This new fashion network is open to anyone and everyone who has a thing for clothes.

As a member, you’re invited to post your outfits, to show off your duds whether you be at work or play, and to simply enjoy the spectacle of clothes. Users can label their outfits under any one of the following categories: favorite, daily, or most despised; they can provide more details such as label, fabric, and place of acquisition. The site itself is categorized into three main views: view by most, view by piece, and stylistics. Registration is free. In Their Own Words

“ is a Social Network for people who love fashion. And a place for people who want to be seen. shows fashion worn on the streets, in school, in the club, at the beach, in the movie theatre, in a palace, in bed, on top of a mountain, on a date. is the platform for people who like themselves (and their clothes)”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Streetstyle blogs and sites have risen in popularity of late. They’re everywhere. People like to dress up and to show off, which is why ILikeMyStyle is very zeitgeisty; it fits with today’s younger generations’ penchant for exhibitionism and independence.

Some Questions About

The site feels rough. It doesn’t have an established look or feel yet, which is important for a network dedicated to appearances. How will it market itself?