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iLikeFollow.comThere’s many ways to get a ton of followers and fans on sites such as Twitter and Facebook, but most of these are completely illegal. You’ll get hundreds, maybe thousands of new followers, but your account won’t be around much longer. It will be taken down before you have even begun enjoying all the new fans that you have. You can count the services for increasing your followers that are legit on the one hand. Well, iLikeFollow is one such service. It will let you boost up your following, in a way that’s 100% compliant with Facebook and Twitter’s regulations.


This new service uses a credit system, with you being able to buy as many credits as new fans and followers you envision having. That is, you use your credits as an incentive for people to check your profile out. The company doesn’t sell followers, doesn’t sell accounts, and (just as importantly) it abides by a no-spamming policy.

Registration to the service itself is completely free, and the only information that’s asked of you is your name and your email address.

And it’s important to mention that iLikeFollow can also be used by webmasters who are trying to have more visitors. That is, as a service iLikeFollow isn’t just limited to Facebook and Twitter. In Their Own Words

No doubt that facebook and twitter are currently considered from the fastest growing online communities and social networks worldwide, thus ilikefollow had been raised in order to assist facebook and twitter users to grow up their online communities. Furthermore and through our platform user can now even increase their number of visitors to their website through out a compliant, ethical and responsible way.

Many other benefits represented by increasing your audience depending on the nature and size of your site, page, account or marketplace? In brief ilikefollow would be playing a vast role in rising this number of audience but in an ethical and legal manner where it fully comply and abide with all the rules of twitter, facebook and your personal website terms and conditions.

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In the best scenario, how many new followers can you get like this?

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