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iLeasePro – Everything You Always Wanted Done With A Lease But Were Afraid To Ask

Good grief, lease managers have a lot of information to keep straight. Paperwork and accounting, and contacts, and…


Before we share a collective ache, let’s talk about a solution that lets firms, property managers, and landlords handle their portfolio of lessees with ease.


iLeasePro has been designed by pros to make managing the entire lifecycle of leases on real estate and equipment a lot clearer and easier. It’s a cloud-based platform for staying organized, keeping on top of inventory, and ensuring that leases meet accounting standards.


On top of normal administration, a bunch of accounting changes being hashed out by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB) will no doubt create several headaches for leasing agents. iLeasePro technology is geared up to make updates less painful and to ensure compliance with new standards.


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In this regard, iLeasePro functions somewhat like TurboTax does for tax filers, guiding those entering data through all the necessary steps and seeing that calculations are done correctly.


Variable lease payments, differences in accounting for real estate and equipment leases, figuring out expense chargebacks and rent escalations, insurance, and a number of considerations those of us on the outside can be thankful we don’t have to learn about, iLeasePro takes care of efficiently, in a user-friendly interface.


iLeasePro also keeps loads of information tidy as best suits the needs of managers. Lease portfolios may be arranged by geography, property type, access rights and other features, and are easily searched. Instead of using old-school spreadsheets, a streamlined dashboard makes it easy to navigate through information like lease expiration dates, renewals, custom agreements and other critical details.


iLeasePro also serves as a convenient, central location for storing important materials such as leases, amendments, building certificates, photos and floor plans – not to mention all of the contact information for tenants. Basically, any information related to any lease is easy to store and find. iLeasePro integrates with existing accounting systems and generates reports that are ready for export.


Given the complex nature of the finances involved, iLeasePro gives managers the needed flexibility and analytical tools to ensure that legal obligations have been met. Archived information means no hunting to verify data and the peace of mind that comes with transparent records on hand in case of an audit.


It bears repeating: good grief, lease managers have a lot of data on their hands. Property information, lease info and renter info – all of which is subject to change and scrutiny…


If you’re in need of help with lease management and lease accounting, learn more about how iLeasePro gets the job done efficiently at


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