ikordo.com – Organize and plan meetings

ikordo.comDon’t go cross-eyed between your calendar, e-mail box, and trying to coordinate meetings using these two separate applications. Let ikordo assist you with planning meetings with your colleagues and clients.

This online service acts as your secretary, compiling lists of times that are convenient for you and sending these time slots to your meeting attendees. Your recipients don’t need to register online with ikordo or download any software. The invitees simply reply to emails they receive from ikordo, in the same way they would to a “real” assistant. ikordo is meant to save you time and make it easy to organize meetings and events. The service is based in the site itself, without any installations. ikordo’s main view gives a quick overview of your meetings and their status. You can review meetings that you are organizing and edit them if needed. You can also review meetings you have been invited to. It’s free, simple, and attractively designed.

ikordo.com In Their Own Words

Let ikordo plan your
business meetings

Arranging a business meeting with a group of people can take hours. Finding a time and date to suit everyone’s schedule requires meticulous planning and, more often than not, the power of persuasion.

ikordo is an intelligent free service that actually works for you to organize your meetings, leaving you free to do more important things.

Why ikordo.com It Might Be A Killer

This service is functional, free, and easy to use: three elements that signal success. ikordo will really be a hit if it is made functional with popular online calendar systems like Google Calendar.

Some Questions About ikordo.com

This sounds like a repeat of some services out there, so ikordo has definitely got competition. It is up to them to be on top of new developments in order to stay ahead. ikordo.com