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IKnowTweet.comIs there any existential question keeping you from sleeping? I don’t know if the Internet is the right place to look for an answer to such a dilemma, but you might as well give it a go and see what happens. On the other hand, if the question going circles in your brain is in the “Should I buy a Police compilation or a Sting & The Police best of album?” realm, it is clear the WWW will point you in the right direction.


This service will, at least.

Broadly speaking, it is a repository that gathers together questions and queries that crop up on Twitter. Of course, these adhere to the character limitation that characterizes such a platform, and that is not really something you could object to – it keeps everything to the point. Questions are displayed on the main page for all to read, and if you happen to see one you can answer you just click on the “Answer question” link in order to enlighten your Twitter cohorts.

In case you are wondering how the questions are collated, the site looks up tweets starting with expressions such as “Does anyone know…?” and “Why does…?”, and then gathers them together for everyone to ponder upon. Just direct your browser to in order to see it in action for yourself. In Their Own Words

“We are the perfect site for finding out information & posting questions. Our system works via Twitter so it’s quick and easy to find out pretty much anything! Feeling in a mood to help out some people? Want to test your knowledge? We’re also great for that! Just click on the answer question link! Our system checks twitter for people asking questions in the format of ‘does anyone know?’ and ‘why does?’ aswell as several other methods!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a supple way of answering any question that has you thinking the livelong day.

Some Questions About

How could this system be enhanced? What features could be implemented in order to give it added contour?

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