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Ijji.comIjji.com is an online game portal that offers high quality, multiplayer games from the casual, social to the hardcore gamers.

It provides you with plenty of different games such as puzzle, card, board, action and sports games. You will be able to enter on the avatar section that gives you the chance to invent and create in order to turn yourself into a 3D image. This section also allows you to expose your image and let users vote for him. You can enter to the forum where you are able to post comments or whatever you like about games and also you are able to see all kind of messages that are posted there. You don’t have to pay anything to become a member and therefore start playing and receive such good benefits. Also, this site allows you to track your performance while you are playing.

Ijji.com In Their Own Words

“Offering online games with quality unprecedented in the US casual
gaming market and multiplayer functionality that is unavailable in
online console, ijji.com is dedicated to make a splash in the US market.
This new breed of entertainment combines the features of online
communities, casual games, console graphics, and social networking.
All ijji.com arcade games feature a character growth system that allows
users to their track ranking and gaming history. Additionally, through
microtransaction of in-game items, users can enhance game play while
getting an edge against the competition. Descriptions of games, items,
and features are all available on www.ijji.com.”

Why Ijji.com It Might Be A Killer

Ijji.com is a very cool site where you can choose from different games the one you like the most to play. It is s very appealing site, very colourful, with clear and simple categories. You can’t loose the opportunity to enter on the avatar section where you can discover your capacity to create and invent.

Some Questions About Ijji.com

Are they going to add more games in order to gain more audience? Ijji.com