iGlue – Putting The Internet Back Together

iGlueiGlue recognizes words, phases, names, geographic locations, etc. in text based web pages and provides encyclopedic knowledge on them with a single click without the need to leave the page.

iGlue is an interlinked, cross connected multi dimensional database. It is also community buildable. Think of it as Wikipedia knowledge without having to go to WIkipedia’s website. iGlue has the capability to link together related text strings like Lego blocks. This will allow you to quickly build a database of information that you find interesting. On the site, you will be able to test the first functional demo of the indexer. This will allow you to test out for yourself the many advantages of having the program work for you. The information is displayed like a map, allowing you to quickly browse through related content seamlessly. Take into account that this is the first demo, thus it should get better as time progresses.

iGlue In Their Own Words

“We affectionately call iGlue the internet’s semantic superglue. It is an online interface that is a search engine and content organizer, capable of intelligently rearranging and defragmenting the internet’s broken up data piles, establishing interlinked entities based hierarchies in the process.”

Why iGlue It Might Be A Killer

Since Google, everyone’s been trying to sort through the endless pile of information that is the internet. iGlue offers an interesting alternative, and since you do it through your browser, there is no need for downloads.

Some Questions About iGlue

Why doesn’t it support Internet Explorer? Aren’t they alienating the millions of users who still choose to surf the web through it? iGlue