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iFriendCode.comiPod and iPhone users who are keen on playing games with their devices are familiar with the process of going hunting for friends to play with via what are termed “friend codes”. This website can be termed a repository of such codes, and these are presented to the user in a setting that is as versatile as it can be.


To begin with, one simple registration means a user can submit his friend code to more than 20 of the most popular games currently available including “Mafia”, “World War”, “iMobtser” and virtually any other title that is currently making waves.

That is certainly a time saver, and there are many other features that serve a similar purpose. For instance, if someone checks a code that you have for a game, when you log in you won’t have to do a reverse process and see his – he initiated the “friendship”, you don’t need to. That is also a real time saver. Moreover (and perhaps most importantly) all the codes that are shown are unique. Once one has been generated, it will not be shown again.

Seeing how popular mobile devices are becoming when it boils to playing games, it is only fair to say this service will have more than a user coming back for more. Give it a try if you are one yourself, and see how quickly you can make up a gang of buddies to play with. In Their Own Words

“The one place for all your friend invite needs!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is basically a major time saver, and it can be freely used by anybody.

Some Questions About

How do you create an account? What information must you furnish?

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