iFoods.tv – Explore Your Culinary Genius

iFoods.tvAt iFoods.tv, not only can you find interesting recipes but also watch a video to have a more clear idea about how exactly the foods are prepared, but you can also upload your own videos and recipes to your site and boost your culinary profile on the site.

Choose from delectable dishes such as 10 minute crab cakes, Grilled Lamb Chops, iFoods Ironed Stuffed Tortilla this dish is literally prepared with an iron, and there is a video to accompany the recipe, this in itself is a good enough reason to check out the site. There are forums that accompany the site so you are able to chat with some of the creators of the recipes and ask for tips and share advice with them. The site will also be holding an iFoods contest where some top contributors will get the chance to have a cook off against the creators of the site and win prizes.

iFoods.tv In Their Own Words

iFoods is the new and hip way of interacting with other food lovers worldwide. Not only do you get to upload your own videos, develop your profile and prove your culinary genius to everyone but you also have the option of learning a few things from our professionally produced video cooking tutorials. Our recipes have been developed by two top class chefs who have travelled the world, cooking for the rich and famous and picking up many varieties of cooking styles. Here at iFoods we hope to not only nurture and develop people’s love of food but also to provide a bit of fun and entertainment. Throughout the year we will be running competitions which will hopefully lead to a few stars being borne.

Why iFoods.tv It Might Be A Killer

This is an interesting concept that not many food websites have embraced yet. Some are allowing recipes to be shared, but this is the first company to allow people to build profiles, upload videos and have a contest where the top chefs can cook off with the creators of the website. This is something very interactive which will definitely keep its users coming back for more.

Some Questions About iFoods.tv

Right now the site is free to join and they are not monetized by any advertising at the moment either. The site is very attractive, how are they going to monetize it? iFoods.tv