IfImPresident.com – Your Political Network

IfImPresident.comIfImPresident.com allows those interested in discussing politics in a more organized way, to become fully involved.

They allow users to sign up, and share their political views by commenting on recent news, creating their own discussions, or even their own policies, and see how their friends or others in the community feel about it. Their goal is to have user’s discuss politics in an organized way, free from media bias, and to learn more about our political system through the various methods that political news is added to the site. It’s a political network and utility that will offer users a place to discuss what is hard to discuss online. Add friends and have your ‘news wire’ keep you up to date with where they’ve been replying, and more. Add a video to your profile to show your friends and the community what has your political attention. Change it, and your friends will be told about it, creating a much more organized forum for political discussion then any other network.

IfImPresident.com In Their Own Words

“We are a group of dedicated, die-hard, political junkies, who love to talk politics. we love to discuss the current events, whether US based or not, but most of all, we love to share our ideas, views, and thoughts with anyone who will listen, to further develop our own understanding of the US political system.”

Why IfImPresident.com It Might Be A Killer

IfImPresident.com syndicates news from major sources, such as BBC, CNN and Foxnews. They offer these syndicated news articles in order to keep users up to date. Users can reply/comment to a news item, or create a discussion on their own, but what’s more important is what they can do in these replies. Unlike standard message boards or blogs, members can post a video, create a poll to ask a question and see the response, add links and sources for whatever information they’re posting.

Some Questions About IfImPresident.com

Is any of the information showed on this site biased in some way? IfImPresident.com