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IE6NoMore.comIf you are interested in technology, you are aware that a strong anti Internet Explorer 6 sentiment exists. Not only that, such a sentiment seems to become even more entrenched as time goes by.

Now, you must understand that such a way of feeling is warranted and not something gratuitous. The original release date of IE 6 was 1991, and it is obvious that a piece of software which is so old is bound to age badly. The fact is that many companies are still using it by default, and that causes web developers a never ending amount of problems as well as restricting their creativity.

This site, then, was started by a group of people who make the (valid) point that IE 6 should be gone for good. They provide a code that can be pasted into any website, and encourage users to upgrade to a more modern browser.

Those using IE 6 today make me think of the ones who were using a Spectrum 48K at the end of the ‘80s. They used to complain that all the good games were released for the Spectrum 128K, and claiming they weren’t receiving the necessary support from the industry. The thing is, the industry by definition is something that moves forwards. It does look back every now and then, and for a while it will see what it left behind, but there will come a point it will stop seeing it. And it is clear by now that IE 6 is something which can only be seen through a telescope. Seem to me it’s time to move forward. And sites like this one only make it too clear that many feel the same way. In Their Own Words

“Enough is enough. Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 was released in late 2001. For its time, it was a decent browser, but in 2009, it is still in use by a significant portion of the web population, and its time is now up.

As any web developer will tell you, working with IE 6 is one of the most difficult and frustrating things they have to deal with on a daily basis, taking up a disproportionate amount of their time. Beyond that, IE 6’s support for modern web standards is very lacking, restricting what developers can create and holding the web back

This website is run by a group of people who want to see IE 6 disappear as soon as possible. To help make that happen, we’re encouraging the IE 6 users of our websites to upgrade to a more modern browser, so they can have a better experience using our sites and browsing the web.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Not everybody is aware of the complications IE 6 poses. This website paints a good overall picture on such an issue.

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