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Idntiti.comEtiquette is not excluded from the World Wide Web. This is exemplified by sites such as IDNTITI. In general terms, the site features a community rating tool that can be applied to any person, subject or entity. It is the credit score equivalent of an entity’s identity & reputation.


Built on credit score principles, the concept is disruptive. The community contributes a score which reflects the unequivocal impression that the one being rated has created on the community. The score can be broken down to parameter level data, and will help people make several important decisions. People’s ID scores can be used for hiring, performance evaluation, management and dating purposes. You can rate your doctors, teachers, managers, colleagues, politicians, or friends! Users’ ID score badges can be published as widgets on various social networking sites.

Companies and products can also be rated, and their scores are useful for making decisions of purchase or employment, or outsourcing etc.

The site itself has a clear layout, and the provided navigation menu will let you build an identity almost instantly. Registration has to be carried out beforehand, and all it entails is furnishing some personal particulars and specific account information. It must be noted that this process is free, and the same goes for the rating process once one has joined. In Their Own Words

“IDNTITI is a community rating tool for any subject, entity or topic. The website captures your feedback and converts it into a score easy for us to review, compare and make decisions.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a useful resource that will greatly benefit those who are into understanding identity & reputation of the subject to make decisions.

Some Questions About

What is the scope of this site? Can any kind of entity whatsoever be brought into consideration?

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