– Keep Track On Slackers

IDidWork.comSlackers in the work place have been around as long as people started working in teams. Over at Ididwork.

com, you’ll be able to find an online community that will allow you to keep track on how much work your workmates are putting in. The concept is simple. If everyone in the office keeps a work log, you’ll be able to see if everyone is doing as much work as they are supposed to do. This works great both ways, because if your boss tells you that you are not doing enough work, you’ll be able to present the work log to him or her. Another great feature is the fact that you won’t have to constantly ask your workmates what they’re doing. Just check out their work log and keep track on their performance, all the time. Team managers can give feedback to their workers through the site. All of these elements coupled together make this a sort of never-ending work meeting design to keep everyone working like they should be. In Their Own Words

“Keep a history of your work, and share it with your team”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This is a very interesting concept. Managers have always been looking for a way to keep track of their team members. This site will allow them to do that and much more, for free.

Some Questions About

Won’t people take too much time from their work to upload their work logs? Doesn’t that kind of beat the concept of the site?