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iden.tify.usHave a song you heard recently, but have no clue what the name is or where to find it? Just post what you know to iden.tify.

us to get the community´s help in determining the song that you´re looking for. You can upload a clip from a commercial or other video, or a sound clip, or even a few lyrics to see if others can help you out. If you know what one of the songs is that someone´s trying to identify, post the answer and a link to where the searcher can find and purchase that song. They recommend that you post a link that allows you to get paid for referring people to that place of purchase so that you can make a profit off of helping others. If you want to keep updated on the most recent posts, you can subscribe to the various RSS feeds. So if you are looking for a certain song, but have had no luck thus far, post it to and try your luck. In Their Own Words

“The goal of is to provide a place for people to help other people identify music. You know you have heard a song before, and wondered what is that song, and there really has never been devoted to helping you find out what a certain song is.

Why It Might Be A Killer

There are plenty of times when people hear songs but have no clue what the title is, especially as viral videos and podcasting grow, so this is a useful place for people to figure out who those artists are. People will want to help out because they get to show their music knowledge, provide a service to others, and make some money off of it.

Some Questions About

Will the fact that you have to post a link to where the song can be purchased and must be registered to post deter people from interacting with the site? What other possible features are they thinking of including? Content could be presented in a more easily understandable fashion, since if you change pages, listings start back counting from #1 again, and it would be useful to have the identified song information actually listed instead of needing to have to go to another page to access this information.

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