– A Framework For Open Innovation

IdeasWalk.comMore than often, things can be perceived notably clearer from the outside. The best place for a company to look for ways in which to improve its services or products is actually anywhere but within its files. Punters and those who are watching from a distance will provide it with all the answers it could ever need.

And all the more so now that a site like Ideas Walk is available. In principle, this site makes it possible for the average Joe to say whatever he thinks about the products or services offered by just any company. Other users of the site will then be able to comment and discuss these ideas, and see where they can get from there. And ideas can also be voted by everybody, with the best of the best being specifically highlighted.

In this way, consumers are provided with a framework for discussing all they want to discuss about these products that they have paid well-earned cash for, and companies are provided with a framework in which punters are pointing all that there is wrong and right with the way they operate. Learning from past mistakes has never been this easy. In Their Own Words

Improvement and innovation ideas from the people.

Why It Might Be A Killer

A site such as this one acts as the perfect bridge uniting consumers and the companies they sustain. Anything that is not right can be easily conveyed here.

Some Questions About

What do users of the site get for their participation? Is there any tangible reward?