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IdeaMensch.comA website that features people who bring ideas to life, IdeaMensch is here to encourage people with big dreams and aspirations to keep doing their best to make them come true. The site offers daily interviews with renowned entrepreneurs and thought leaders where they talk at length about the obstacles they faced along the way and how they managed to overcome them. In all cases, one gets to understand the way in which people who are self-made dream, think and (what is even more important) act.


Past interviewees have included world-renowned personalities like Seth Godin, Craig Newmark, Gary Vaynerchuk, Brad Feld and Neil Patel.

The site is very easy to navigate, with a clear layout that lets you access all the most recent interviews at a mere click. And you can always sign up for a monthly email compiling the most valuable lessons and tips that have been learned from the interviews which were conducted during the previous month. You can also learn about the people who are to be featured next, and (in case you know someone who fits in with the aim and spirit of IdeaMensch) put his name forward for an interview. In Their Own Words

IdeaMensch is a community of people with good ideas. Our impossible mission is to help anyone who wants to bring their idea to life, do it.

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site stands as an excellent source of inspiration. All the stories which are told here speak of great successes, often against seemingly-impossible odds. People who need encouragement to pursue their own dreams will surely get it on IdeaMensch.

Some Questions About

How is the site going to evolve beyond this point? What will be added in the future?

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