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IdeaCrossing.orgIdeaCrossing is a free social networking site that connects entrepreneurs with the capital and assistance they need to launch new business ideas. With a powerful matching engine behind the scenes, IdeaCrossing acts as a “Match.


com” between entrepreneurs and investors; and entrepreneurs and business mentors. Unlike other sites that let all users browse other users and their ideas, charge to participate, or require a lot of search time, IdeaCrossing is completely private and secure, available at no cost, and requires minimal effort – IdeaCrossing emails its users when they receive matches so they know just when to login and take action. Entrepreneurs create Funding Profiles that describe their company or idea, along with the type of investment they are looking for. Their Dashboard shows them the number of matches they’ve received to investors and business mentors and the number of times their Profile has been viewed, saved, and rejected. Likewise, Investors define their criteria in an Investment Profile and are presented with compatible matches, which can be browsed anonymously. Investors decide who they want to engage with by initiating contact and taking the dialogue offline from there. Business Mentors define their Profile based on their industry and specialty area and are matched with Entrepreneurs who are seeking pro bono business advice. Like the Investor, the Business Mentor is presented with their matches and is able to choose which entrepreneurs they would like to contact. In Their Own Words

“For Entrepreneurs, Investors, Service Providers, or Business Mentors, connections are key. IdeaCrossing was created to provide the intersection where ideas meet capital, where deal flow flourishes, and where resources, services and support stimulate growth and opportunity.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

For entrepreneurs, finding capital or a business mentor can mean the difference between having a dream and making it a reality. Money is tight and they need to grow their team, expand their inventory, and develop their product – not pay to get in front of the investor community. And Investors are looking for the next big thing. They want to have a hand in tomorrow’s cutting-edge technology or medical breakthrough that changes the world. Their bottom line is finding and investing in companies that will give them the most significant ROI – in the least amount of time. IdeaCrossing caters to both – registration is free and the matching engine does all the work. And through each user’s customized Dashboard, they can see how IdeaCrossing is working for them, editing their registration and profile as their situation changes, and seeing instant results. The Resource Center also provides users with additional tools to learn, communicate, showcase their expertise, and grow their business.

Some Questions About

Will people get advantage of such a useful site? How long until this site becomes a real authority in this area?


Author : Charly Zaks

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