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IdeaConnection.comThis web-based endeavor facilitates access to brilliant minds from around the world who collaborate in select but diverse groups to solve corporate problems. IdeaConnection supplies a Virtual Thinkspace which encourages collaboration and creativity, and provides both thinking tools and a structure for doing so.


The implementation of this service implies that you can post your problems online for the consideration of experts and connoisseurs at no cost, and pay only for the results.

Also available are several free services which include one of the world’s largest databases of technologies for sale or license. This database enables inventors to reach a ready audience and also to know how the scene is shaping up at a mere glance.

Furthermore, it is important to mention that IdeaConnection members also work for free and collaborate on solving problems for the common good.

All in all, the site is a very interesting resource that can just provide you with the means for solving any business challenge you might have to face. Follow the link that is provided in order to find out more and read the interesting articles that are posted on the main page. In Their Own Words

“Our worldwide team of experts solve difficult problems rapidly, economically and in complete confidence. You pay only for satisfactory solutions.

Harness the creative genius of the world. Access brilliant scientists, engineers, artists, and innovators. Solve problems and create innovations using IdeaConnection’s database of thousands of great minds and collaborative problem solving ThinkSpace platform. ”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The site has many advantages. Companies can clearly define a problem, and thanks to the thousands of problem solvers, it is financially risk free. Corporations only pay for solutions that they are satisfied with. Moreover, it facilitates part-time online work for thousands of people.

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Author : Bruce Turner

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