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ICoolHunt.comiCoolHunt is a new social game in which people challenge each other to find the next big things when it comes to technology, lifestyle, music, fashion and design, right before they hit the mainstream.


In practice, this is done by having pictures of what they think is cool uploaded to the site. The rest of the iCoolHunt community will vote these submissions up (or down), and they will also explain why they have cast such votes by leaving extensive comments.

The site actually features a worldwide map in which all the trendiest findings are. This map goes by the name of the Trenditory, and you will be able to access it from the main page. This will let newcomers realize which parts of the world have the highest concentration of innovativeness, and it will also let people who have actively taken to the site figure out what others in their close vicinity are up to.

Both a bookmarklet and an iPhone app are provided for those who want to begin playing this game of coolness. In Their Own Words

Become a guru of coolhunting.

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such a site will let us gauge creativity in every corner of the world.

Some Questions About

What does the winner of each game get?

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