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Iconize.meIt had to happen. In the same way that systems for tweeting out images instead of text were devised, someone had to come up with an entirely graphical interface for Facebook.


The reasoning behind it all is not that tricky to understand – more than often, an image paints a thousand words. Besides, text is univocal as opposed to images. That is, if you write “Going to the cinema in two hours with the girls” as your status on Facebook that is mostly it. But if you used an image to get that point across you could give it a million connotations, starting with which kind of image you use (a still from a movie you like, a cartoon, a hand-made drawing…) and continuing with its shape, the number of colors that you actually employ… the list runs long.

That is what this site is all about: providing everybody with a visual set of icons for Facebook. There are about 600 of these already available, and they are meant to replace many status updates. “They are meant to” does not imply that such a concept will manage to catch on, obviously. I think that its success will be quite limited – people will use them for very specific actions, and that will be it. It is a nice try, but you are not changing something that is so rooted that easy. In Their Own Words

“Can’t find the words to be understood? Try with icons.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The concept is interesting, and while I don’t think anybody would embrace it 100 % I am sure that it will be partially assimilated by many.

Some Questions About

Can people submit their own icons for others to use?

Author : Roger Hollings

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