Iconiza.com – Custom Made Icons and Favicons

Iconiza.comIf you’re looking for custom made individual icons or icon sets for your web or application project, look no further than to Iconiza. With Iconiza, you can order professionally custom made icons by giving a detailed description of what you’re looking for to the site’s designers.

You can also buy stock icons already made and displayed in a tab on the website. You first will need to pay 50% of the total amount through PayPal and will then be allowed to preview your requested icon. And after paying the rest of the total, Iconiza will send you a link to be able to download your icons. Iconiza also creates favicon and webclip designs for those who are looking to professionalize their website by including these next to the URL address and in the browser’s tab. Furthermore, Iconiza allows users to create iPhone webclips to shortcut to specific websites. The cost of custom made icons is $22 each and $30 for favicon and webclip designs.

Why Iconiza.com It Might Be A Killer

Iconiza’s website displays a portfolio where users can browse through icons made for previous customers so that new buyers can recognize the skills of the site’s designers. Therefore, users will feel more confident in putting down half of the cost of each icon. And Iconiza even offers free to use icons and icon sets in it’s Download tab. Another positive note is that Iconiza offers discounts to returning users and if you buy more than 20 at a time.

Some Questions About Iconiza.com

If I’m not satisfied with my custom made icon, can I submit changes to Iconiza? Will they then change it for free? Can Iconiza include a shopping cart that can recall all of my last orders? Iconiza.com