iConcertCal.com – Track Your Favorite Artists

iConcertCal.comWouldn’t it be nice to know exactly when your favorite artist’s new albums were coming out and when they were coming to your town to play without having to do any research? iConcertCal.com is an iTunes plug in that you can download to your computer and it will autmatically search through your iTunes collection and tell you when they artists found in your library are touring in your area and their new albums are coming out.

The program, created by two college students from the Seattle area, is absolutely free to download and use. The plug in is smart enough to know where you are when you download the software, so you don’t usually need to do anything after you download the freeware, just download and enjoy!

iConcertCal.com In Their Own Words

iConcertCal is not for sale. It is a free-ware plug-in that we have written because we care about promoting live music. It is not to be used for commercial purposes and we retain ownership and all rights of this plug-in.

Why iConcertCal.com It Might Be A Killer

This plug in can make it very easy and convenient to track your favorite bands and make sure that you don’t miss them if and when they come to your hometown, also to know when their new CDs come out.

Some Questions About iConcertCal.com

There is no monetization of this download at all. It is totally free to download and there is no advertising on the site. Unless they change the business model, this won’t be a lucrative venture. iConcertCal.com