KillerStartups – Tracking and monitoring platform is an online tracking and monitoring platform for System Integrators and Device manufacturers to package their solutions around icantracks.

com tracking and monitoring application suite. Why time, assets or staff need to be tracked? There are many reasons for it. High value items are subject to theft, risk and liability is associated with such losses, insurance premiums are function of such losses, there is an inefficient use of assets or underutilisation of staff, the ability to service items which need to be regularly maintained and time lost is money lost for many professionals because of unbilled time. In Their Own Words

“Extend your visibility and save your time, resource and money.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Because it will revolutionise the way tracking applications are deployed. icantrack will reduce the amount of investment required towards deploying a tracking application and make it available to the smallest of companies.

Also icantrack will be a killer because the application uses some smart electronics which make the on site deployments extremely fast. For example on the RFID tracking side icantrack uses mobile connected readers which can be deployed anywhere on the globe and use the icantracks online app for tracking.

Some Questions About

Are they going to improve the design of the website?

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