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iCandy.RicohInnovations.comiCandy is a new application (currently in beta) that has a concise aim: letting the user access and share his digital world when he is not online. This is carried out through printed iCandy links that the user can share personally.

Through QR codes, iCandy connects iTunes or websites to these links, and by employing a webcam the link can be scanned and the song or website will launch on the spot.

So far, both Mac and Windows users are accounted for, and the latest releases can be procured by following the pertinent links. The site includes a comprehensive “How to…” guide that deals with aspects such as “How do I create?”, “How do I scan?”, and “How do I share?”, so that if you decide to download this novel application it can be said you will be up and running in no time at all.

The advantages of a service like this are obvious – you can share music in the most direct way of all, and dispense with the task of opening your e-mail account to send the link, or sending it through any messaging system – you do that in person, and instantly. Furthermore, you can scan your business card and let clients access your website in a different manner. Ultimately, the uses you will put iCandy to it are up to you and your imagination, but the possibilities go on and on.

iCandy.RicohInnovations.com In Their Own Words

“iCandy (beta) is a free application that makes it easy to access and share your digital world offline. Through the power of QR codes, iCandy connects iTunes or websites to printed iCandy links that you can share in person. Use a webcam to scan your iCandy link and your computer launches the song or website instantly. Pretty cool, huh?”

Why iCandy.RicohInnovations.com It Might Be A Killer

Those who are looking into alternative ways of accessing online media will find such an initiative a valuable option indeed.

Some Questions About iCandy.RicohInnovations.com

Is this solution provided free of charge? iCandy.RicohInnovations.com