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Iavra.comIavra.com is a company which was born out of what economists call market failures. Based on the idea that people make the smartest choices when they must look after their own money, consumer habits tell us the value of products. This applies to all situations, from buying a cup of coffee to renting a villa for your holidays. Market failures happen when people cannot make the right choices because something stands in the way. One of these failures is lack of information. If people can’t tell for sure the quality of the product or service in which they’ll spend their money, they’d rather not spend it at all. As a consequence, whole markets and industries can disappear.

As agents for clients in search of holiday villas, the guys from Iavra.com got constant requests but could not find a way to keep up with that service. Looking for properties that could interest their clients was quite hard in itself, but to make things worse, when they did find something, they could hardly trust the pricing and commissions that they were asked to pay. More than often, this happened because the representatives offering properties for rent where agents who worked for the owners themselves. Not knowing whom they were really dealing with, they didn’t know if the numbers of that deal were fair ones. Because of this, they chose to deny requests for that particular service.

So they came up with Iavra.com, a platform which connects business to business operators in the industry of holiday villa renting. Using Iavra, client agents will be able to get in touch with agents from many places around the world. Although the whole world is not covered yet, it seems the company has the will to get that far. The map featured on the site shows you which countries that are already covered.

The features offered by the service are quite appealing. As a client agent, you can send electronic brochures with pictures and floorplans of the properties you’ll be offering, and these can even come branded with your company’s logo. Villa agents get a very easy and quick uploading tool with no delays, that will allow them to make their properties known to potential clients.

So whatever party you belong to in this industry, your business will certainly benefit from Iavra.com’s services. There are no hidden fees, prices are fair, and the company doesn’t charge commissions.

Iavra.com In Their Own Words

IAVRA (International Association of Villa Rental Agents) is a subscription based online database of villas, chalets and apartments for rent around the world. It is a Business to Business platform that connects international Client Agents (travel agents and concierge services) to Villa Agents. IAVRA makes the process of searching, selecting and renting holiday properties efficient and standardised.

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